Friday, November 14, 2008

Former Prime Minister Paul Martin on 9/11

On November 13th, 2008, former Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin visited Halifax. He was asked what he thought about the hundreds of architects and engineers who have concluded that the World Trade Center was brought down by a controlled demolition. While he remains "skeptical", Prime Minister Martin admits that "it may be the case that explosives were used." He also suggests that given the high profile nature of 's claims, that "it should be investigated."


Anduril said...

It takes real courage for Paul Martin to say that. Until we know what really befell the WTC and the Pentagon and the people inside, and how it was done, we are not well placed to prevent it happening again.

The political payoff from "false-flag" operations is so destructive of freedom, rights and democracy that we owe it to the security of all the prople in the world to stop this sort of thing being done, and being gotten away with.

Pat said...

Still ignoring the fact that no-planes were involved. It's 2009. Get with with it. 9/11= Video fakery, no-planes, no muslims, shrewd media manipulation. These are the facts.

John Lee, Hollywood winner said...

Martin might just get "accidented".

Billary "Clinton" Blythe Rockefeller just won the "Margaret Sanger Award"...

Walter Cronkite with Hillary Clinton: "I'm Glad To Sit On The Right Hand Of Satan"

"Yes we can, thank you Satan."
-President Hussein Obama, Chicago, November 4, 2008

Anonymous said...

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